5 Reasons Every Guy Should Own a Fashion Jockstrap

Today’s underwear brands have completely transformed the jockstrap from function to fashion. Here are 5 reasons you should consider making fashion jockstraps a part of your underwear collection!

The humble jockstrap has a bad rap. Unless a former high school gym coach required it, many guys have never worn a jockstrap before. Those who have likely remember them as itchy, bulky and, quite frankly, ugly. Introduced over a century ago, the typical jockstrap of yesteryear was often plain white, with an uncomfortable ribbed pouch and an extra-wide and rigid waistband that reached almost to your belly button. But modern upgrades to jockstrap materials, features and styles have made those stereotypes obsolete. Behold: the fashion jockstrap.

1. Jockstraps Aren’t Just For Contact Sports Anymore

Invented in 1874, the jockstrap was traditionally worn for a very practical purpose: safety. Worn while cycling or participating in contact sports, the traditional jockstrap (or “athletic supporter”) functioned to protect the genitals from injury. Some athletic supporters include a pocket in the pouch to hold a cup, usually made of hard or soft plastic, to protect the groin from impact from the ball.

Since the early 2000s, however, many men’s underwear brands now offer fashion jockstraps on the market. They come in a staggering variety of colors, materials and unique designs which can be worn for everything from sexy play in the bedroom to circuit parties to daily wear. Whether you’re heading to the gym, the office or to San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair, there is truly a fashion jockstrap for every occasion.

2. Fashion Jockstraps Are Undeniably Sexy

Gone are the days of the boring, dirty white jock. Many current designer underwear brands offer skimpy, minimalistic and attractive lines of jockstraps that accentuate your boys in front and show off your assets in back. Look for jockstraps from Gregg Homme, Modus Vivendi and CellBlock 13 with pouches made of special fabrics like ventilating or see-through mesh, extra-soft modal, or erotic textures like pleather, rubber or faux fur. Still more, like those from Ergowear, Cocksox and McKillop, have specially designed contour pouches, elastic straps and C-rings that visually lift and enhance the look of your package and butt.

3. Fashion Jockstraps Are More Supportive Than Traditional Underwear

Unlike other underwear for men, the jockstrap’s frontal pouch keeps your genitals supported throughout the day. Jockstraps have less fabric, which means less jostling and less readjusting. No riding up. No wedgies. No chafing. No matter how hard you work out or which exercise you perform, your boys will remain fully supported and out of harm’s way.

4. Fashion Jockstraps Are Freeing

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of wearing a fashion jockstrap. It’s secure yet very freeing. The elastic waistband holds it in place, the pouch keeps the boys lifted, and the leg straps provide additional support. The lack of material in back allows air to circulate much more easily than standard men’s underwear, keeping you cool in warmer weather. And even if it’s kept hidden underneath your regular clothes, the feeling of freedom is a great boost to your self-confidence.

5. Fashion Jockstraps Can Be Worn Anywhere

No longer just for football practice, fashion jockstraps are more comfortable, supportive and moisture wicking than ever and many are suitable for daily wear. More and more underwear brands are marketing the jockstrap as a mainstream undergarment you can wear anytime, simply because you feel like wearing one. Try on a fashion jockstrap for yourself and see!

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