Meet Marcelo

Marcelo – Instagram @celojp

  1. What is your favorite brand of jockstrap?
    • Coyote Jocks. I also love their briefs.
  2. How many jockstraps do you own?
    • I think I have 9 jockstraps.
  3. What are you doing with your free time during the quarantine? 
    • I have been on Instagram a lot these days. But I’m also doing some baking and going for solo walks or walks with my husband.
  4. How often do you wear a jockstrap?
    • I wear them quite often. I love the feeling that my bum is “free” haha.
  5. Have you ever been spotted in public in nothing but a jockstrap?
    • No, I haven’t yet. 😏
  6. What is your second favorite type of underwear?
    • I like bikini briefs. I think they are super sexy. 😍

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